Aluminum’s Wonderful Characteristics – Why is Aluminum Extrusion Useful?


When compared against many other forming processes, aluminum extrusion proves to be advantageous. By definition, aluminum extrusions are identified as a versatile (highly) method of forming metals. It helps engineers and designers explore through their creativity fully. As an element, aluminum is easy to handle and shape. It has fundamental physical characteristics that make forming, bending and shaping easy. To be more precise, aluminum comprises of qualities that are rarely found in other metals. That is why more and more engineers are involved in extruding aluminum! Though some materials tend to replicate the qualities of aluminum, very few are as-fine as the metal. With this being said, here are few reasons behind the fame of aluminium extrusions.

A Light Metal

aluminum sheet

Firstly, extruding aluminum is extremely famous because the metal occupies very little volume. When compared to other metals, materials that are made of aluminum require lessor space. To be more precise, these materials weigh less than those that are made of brass, iron or steel. Due to its light weight nature, it is quite easy to handle aluminum materials. Meanwhile, you don’t need to spend a lot while transporting the materials too! This is an important physical characteristic that makes aluminum extrusion famous in fields like high-rise construction projects and aerospace.

A Strong Metal

Thought aluminum is lighter materials made from the metal can be very strong. You can make the metal extremely strong with the help of extrusion procedures. After all, strong aluminum is required during various processes. That becomes incredibly true and important during cold weather applications. Research proves that aluminum becomes stronger with temperature drops!

A Durable Metal

Moving on, aluminum is neatly protected by a layer of oxide. This layer occurs naturally and is very important! Technically, the oxide film prevents aluminum from rusting. It gives the metal a corrosion resistant layer and can make it undeniably durable. Aluminum’s ability to resist corrosion increases with anodizing. Some aluminum extrusion profiles can be very durable and strong at the same time, which is why it is very common to use in airplanes and cars.

Few Other Reasons!

On cost and weight, aluminum proves to be a fantastic thermal conductor. That gives aluminum lots of scope in areas that require critical exchanges. With the right type of metal forming methods, you can improve the metal’s thermal conduction properties drastically. Moving on, aluminum is wonderfully non-magnetic. This is why you can use the metal during high-voltage applications. Also, the metal exhibits strong reflective capabilities. With all this being said, aluminium extrusion manufacturers are playing and increasingly important role in today’s economy. Extruding aluminum is an important process that relies on the metal’s wonderful characteristics.


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